DAQVAH Membership Campaign Still ongoing, Join Now!

DAQVAH Charity Foundation presents
➡ 1⃣.5⃣K Membership Campaign⬅

“Is there any reward for good than Good?”

Assalaamu’alaikum, last year, we launched the “bring more members campaign” which targeted 500 members and Alhamdulilla through your zeal and hope for more rewards, we got over 600 members.

This Year, our target is to bring 1,500 members or more. We want our membership to grow worldwide In Shaa Allah.

Challenge yourself every month to bring in at least one of your relatives, friends or loved ones.

With more members, we’ll be able to undertake more activities and projects this year.

Please take the lead in bringing more members to Daqvah.

Kindly contact the numbers below to get the registration form to join new members. And also submit to the same numbers below.



You can also click on the link below to automatically access our online form and register!


Whatever contribution that individual makes: the less privileged lives that he will impact:, a similar reward awaits you in full.

*Is there any reward for good than good?*Ar Rahman 60.

More Members,more Success in activities.

May Allah reward you.

For any questions, please contact the numbers below:


®Abdul Rahman Jalloh-CEO
©DAQVAH Charity Foundation.

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