As an Islamic foundation that transforms lives and contributes to national development, the DAQVAH Charity Foundation continues to make things easier for their members, donors and any one that shows interest in their activities.

In a colourful and attractive event held on Sunday, 16th April, 2017 at the Islamic Center Hall (Voice of Islamic), 84 Circular Road, Freetown, The DAQVAH Charity Foundation officially launched their newly created application and  Website.

As an organization that puts transparency and accountability number one in its implementations, the foundation created an official website and a standard application, which will be used to update its members, donors and interested viewers on the organization’s news, latest development from the organization, current appeals and many more useful information that will help in knowing more about the organization and how it operates.

The website address is www.daqvahcharity.org.

The launching ceremony which was chaired by Sheikh Alie Kallay was witnessed by Sheikh Hafiz Ahmad Wurrie Barrie, Sheikh Mohammad Marrah (Muslim Character), DAQVAH members, donors, SLBC media, CTN, Awareness Times, Star Radio and different Islamic organizations.

The CEO of DAQVAH, Alhaji Abdul Rahman Jallah gave a brief background statement of the foundation.

In his speech, the chairman, Sheikh Kallay commended the CEO of DAQVAH, Alhaji Abdul Rahman Jalloh for his tremendous contribution to Islam in Sierra Leone, with prime focus on development. He also congratulated all DAQVAH members and donors for their relentless contributions in putting smiles on faces and encouraged them to continue the good effort. Motivated by such development by DAQVAH, he, Sheikh Alie Kallay immediately expressed his interest of becoming a DAQVAH member who will be contributing One Hundred Thousand Leones (Le 100,000) every month. He filled the membership form on the spot

In his keynote speech, Sheikh Hafiz Ahmad Wurrie Barrie appreciated and congratulated DAQVAH Charity Foundation for their accuracy in promoting transparency and accountability through technology. He said that giving report is something Allah Himself mentioned in His words, highlighting verse 20-21 of Surah Fussilat, (the skin and other parts of the body giving reports against man on the day of Judgement). He said DAQVAH is a foundation of its kind which has really set a great example for others to follow. Sheikh Hafiz specially thanked Mr. Mohammad Keita for designing such a standard website and a well designed application. He prayed that Allah reward him and increase his knowledge.

The foundation’s Data and Research Volunteer, Mr. Mohammed Keita, who designed both the Application and the Website, explained in detail, with a projection display, on how to use the DAQVAH Application and the DAQVAH Website.

The application can operate in different on Androids and  IPhones. It was installed into phones of the attendees.

Officially launching the App and Website, the chief launcher and donor, Dr. Amadu Bah commended Mr. Mohammad Keita for his relentless effort in volunteering to design the App and Web for DAQVAH, and the entire membership of DAQVAH for their contributions towards the fulfillment of the foundation’s activities. He official launched the App and website with One Hundred United States Dollars ($100), and encouraged others to donate as well. And, AlhamduliLLah, some members and invitees made their donations.

The vote of thanks was done by the foundation’s Deputy Communications Manager, Sheku Al-Huseyn.

The event faded with refreshments and closing prayers in diverse ways.

(DAQVAH Charity Foundation)



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