DAQVAH Charity Foundation Provides Food for Over 1,000 Needy People


In implementing its Quarterly Feed the Needy Season 6 (FTN6) Phase 1, DAQVAH distributed food and drinks to over seven hundred people in Freetown on Wednesday August 30th. The food was distributed along the Kissy Road, Eastern Police, Abacha Street, Wilberforce Street, PZ Roundabout, Bus Station, Cotton Tree etc.

The foundation intended to provide breakfast for beggars, the disabled and needy people in the morning hours. This the foundation hoped would provide strength for the needy people as they move about daily searching for survival. During the distribution, the Data and Research Team was collecting on-site data by interviewing the beneficiaries. Many were extremely happy for the gift received. The Field Operations and communication teams were busy disseminating messages on Project Reach the Unreachable to passersby and shop owners.

A passerby who happened to be a beneficiary said, “I thank God to receive such a gift which I never expected this morning. I was really wondering how to start my day and this organization has helped me with food. May God bless you as I won’t be able to express my happiness.”

The whole exercise ended peacefully. DAQVAH thank all its over 840 subscribers and donors for making this project a success.

Project Feed the Needy 6 Phase 2 was held on Thursday 31st August at the central business district of Freetown, Rawdon St Masjid and ABC Building Masjid, where DAQVAH provided iftar by distributing food to about 400-500 fasting persons on the day of Arafa. 


To be a member of this notable and reliable Charity Foundation or to donate and help reach the unreached, kindly contact +23276364966/+23277599258.


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