A team of DAQVAH officials from Sierra Leone met with the deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Honourable Losene F. Bility (Esg.), at his office at Capitol Hill, Monrovia, on Thursday 28th December, 2017. The honourable Minister is a Muslim, and has been very supportive in the development of Islam in the country. “You are all welcome in the land of liberty; I am very happy to see you guys here. In shaa Allah, we are ready to give you whatever support that you may need from us.” The minister stated.

Present also at the meeting were the assistant Minister of Commerce and the director of procurement in the ministry of internal affairs , Honourable Mohamed Touray and Sheikh Omar Touray, respectively.

In his statement, the CEO of DAQVAH, Alhaji Abdul Rahman Jalloh, thanked the minister and his colleagues for their hospitality and words of encouragement. He further expressed that he is inspired to see that active Muslims serving in such prominent offices in the country.

In his own statement, the assistant Minister of Commerce, Honourable Mohamed Touray stated that he is very happy to see that young people are actively taking active part in the development of Islam, and he once more welcomed the team to Liberia. “You are highly welcome here, and we are ready to give you every possible support to propagate Islamic courses – morally, socially, financially, and et cetera.” Hon. Touray assured.

The director of procurement, Sheikh Omar Touray, also assured the team of his own support.

Another dignitary that was met in the Ministry of internal affairs was the assistant Minister of Administration, Honourable Momolu S. Johnson. He is also a Muslim; and he happily welcome the team to Liberia and assured them of his own support.

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®️ DAQVAH Charity Foundation

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