DAQVAH bags 2018 award, for supporting Health Initiatives in the Country


By Sulaiman Stom Koroma.

It’s not just the usual awards; after nomination and been voted for, the next thing is to grab the awards, if you are the winner. In this case it goes beyond that, that is because, before the presentation of the awards, you are given 5minutes to defend your work in the category in which you have been nominated.

The Sierra Young Diplomats, in their 2018 National Youth Volunteer Patriotism Awards, organized at the Family kingdom, awarded the DAQVAH Charity Foundation, for their work and dedication in working with one of the key pillars of the Sustainable Development Goals on good health and well-being.

31543241_10213603132445641_313764823636130264_n.jpgIn this statement, one of the judges of the competition, Murtala Mohamed Kamara said “I am honoured to listen to wonderful pitches on some of the Sustainable Development Goals by young people of Sierra Leone. The Sierra Young Diplomats, asked young people to pitch project ideas on the SDG’s. To qualify for an award, the project must be innovative, sustainable, and we also looked at the project idea. These young men and women came up with practical solutions on education, energy, health and peace. I learnt a lot from them” he ended.

The awards are focused in looking at how youths in Sierra Leone have contributed to all of the Sustainable Development Goals. The DAQVAH Charitable Foundation was nominated under the category of Good Health and Well-being. This nomination came about because of the tremendous strives and interventions the foundation has done, ranging from given free medical checkup to thousands of people all of the country to providing medication to deprived homes.

In his presentation the CEO of the DAQVAH Charity Foundation, Abdul Rahman Jalloh spoke on the interventions his organization has taken in the area of Mobile Health Clinics. Mr. Jallon said, over the years his organization has been providing medical checkups, which is done my medical practitioners who are members of DAQVAH. “We go to unreachable areas, where people walk hundreds of miles to seek medical attention and we provide them with free medication. We see the joy and relief in them during this process, and we will continue to do more” he said.

31509528_10213603133885677_7918237231827033473_n.jpgIt is no secret that the health situation and condition in the county is poor, and getting the little that is available is even worse. DAQVAH believes, with mobile intervention the problem will be minimized. “This award will go a long way, and we are calling on the government and other well-meaning Sierra Leoneans to join hand with DAQVAH in making sure the well-being of every Sierra Leonean is prioritized”. Mr. Jalloh concluded.

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