Providing relief support to the poor, needy and vulnerable communities is one of the foundation’s main areas of intervention. The clothing distribution is a project that is implemented twice every year to support vulnerable families to have clothes to observe the two Eid prayers.

On Monday August 20th, DAQVAH CHARITY FOUNDATION implemented their second Clothing Distribution Project this year. This project was implemented in three different unreachable communities; Sambiabendugu Chiefdom, Kulifaga Village and Bendugu Township.


The team safely arrived in Sambiabendugu Chiefdom at around 17:50hrs after leaving Freetown at around 9:00hrs. The team immediately started the first distribution.

The second distribution was at Kulifaga Village, a distribution that was done in the rains as team members moved from house to house.


“The last distribution was done at Bendugu Township, where the heavy down pour of rains didn’t allow us to distribute all the clothes.
But the remaining clothes were left with the chief and elders of the community for them to be distributed later,” Osman Alim Sankoh, the acting Project Manager explained.

Senesie Mansaray, a subscriber of the foundation and also from Kulifaga Village (one of the villages where the project was implemented) said: “I was really opportuned and I felt blessed to be part of the implementation process for the first time since I became member of the foundation. I also thanked the foundation for honouring my request, for selecting Kulifaga Village, my home town as part of the communities that benefitted from this distribution.” He added that his community was longing for such opportunity as they are most times ignored because of the distance and poor road network.


After the distribution process, one of the beneficiaries after receiving the clothes, immediately wore them and started singing and dancing. She said that the distribution was one of her greatest surprises.

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