Tuesday August 21st, 2018, marked the day of Eid-Ul-Adha. Project RTU Ambassadors together with the Project Lead Mohamed Alhassan, successfully prayed at five different praying fields across Freetown.
Praying fields included Stadium, YSC, Ansar, Freetown Amusement Park and New England Ville. The aim was to raise more awareness among the Muslim communities about the Reach The Unreachable Project and also to register Muslims for the project.


Mohamed Alhassan Jalloh, the Project Lead for the Reach The Unreachable Project, in an exclusive interview said: “The foundation believes that this Project can contribute greatly towards improving the lives of the vulnerable and will also help in contributing towards National and Islamic development across the country.” He continued by encouraging Sierra Leoneans to embrace and contribute towards the project. Adding that the project was launched to make charity very easy, because donating $1 or Le 10,000 annually is affordable by all.



Praying at the different praying fields on EID day across the Country is one of the strategies the foundation uses to raise more awareness about the RTU project that was launched at the Freetown Amusement Park, April this year. A project that requires every Sierra Leonean especially Muslims to donate just $1 or Le10,000 per year.

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