By Chernor Muaz Bah

Outdoor sensitisation is one of the strategies the Foundation is using to create visibility for the Foundation as well raise awareness for the Charity Walk/Run For Widows.

On Tuesday the 5th March 2019, DAQVAH team visited the Social Work Department at the Fourah Bay College. The CEO and Founder of the Foundation, Alhaji Abdul Rahman Jalloh gave a brief background of the foundation, it’s mission and vision; he also highlighted the foundation’s major areas of intervention which are: Orphan and widow supports, Health, Educational Aid, Water & Sanitation and etc.


He also talked about the Reach The Unreachable Project with just a dollar Project, where he said the project was designed to help raise additional funds for the foundation to contribute in addressing humanitarian issues in more sustainable ways; adding that the project will also be used to tackle the challenges vulnerable students face in paying their university fees. The CEO concluded by telling the students about the upcoming Charity Walk/Run for widows, in which he encouraged the students to register and be part of the event.


Several questions were asked by the students and convincing answers were provided by the CEO. Majority of the students registered for the widow walk event and some registered as members. Sylvanus Wudie Conteh, a lecturer of the department who facilitated the visitation, appreciated the foundation’s visit to the department, as through the visitation he was sure that lots of students were motivated to do more because the course is related to the work the foundation is doing. He ended by making commitment to be supporting the foundation and also made donation and registered for the Widow Walk.


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