By Fatima Bah

As part of the Foundation’s strategies to raise awareness for the RTU project, the RTU weekly Jum’ah was implemented today Friday 8th March 2019 at three different Masjids in Freetown.
Masjid Raheem (Bass Street, Brookfields) the officiating Imam was Imam Babah; Masjid Naeem (Murray Town High Broad Street) the officiating Imam was Imam Razi and Masjid Bun Affan (Aberdeen Police Barracks) and the officiating Imam was Sheikh Alusine.


The RTU weekly Jum’ah at different masjid across the country is a strategy the foundation has been using for the past years to raise awareness about the Reach the Unreachable Project with just Le 10,000 or $1 per year.

The topics of their sermons were the Benefits of giving, the consequences of being greedy and the International Women’s Day.

They encouraged the Jama’ah to donate to the Foundation by giving just $ 1 or le 10,000 per year and that the money would be used to help the Poor and the Needy, most especially the Widows, Orphans and the less privileged in our country.


The Jama’at were also informed about the Foundation’s upcoming event which is the Walk for Widows and the importance of organising this particular event.

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