DAQVAH & SOD provide Eid Clothes For The Less Privileged

By Chernor Muaz Bah

To provide clothing for the poor, needy and vulnerable communities, is a project that falls under one of DAQVAH’s main areas of interventions, which is Relief Support. It’s for this reason that the DAQVAH Charity Foundation together with the Sisters Of Deenul Islam (S.O.D) through partnership have been distributing clothes to the needy for the past three years.

On Sunday June 2nd, eid clothes were distributed to over five hundred (500) vulnerable from seven (7) villages which include Kentima Junction, Pentumawa, Gbappi Junction, Gbappi Tegu, Mammy Yoko Village, Gbonurbu and Njabahun all in Moyamba District.

Abass Yussouf Jalloh, DAQVAH Project Manager said, “The clothing distribution is a project that is implemented twice every year to support vulnerable families to have clothes to observe the two Eid (Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha) prayers, and we have been ensuring that this project is implemented yearly in partnership with S.O.D for the past three years.”

Ameera (Leader) for the Sisters Of Deenul Islam, Mariam Sedik Kamara, said their organization decided to embark on eid clothing distribution project, as a result of a research which was conducted eight years ago, showing that Muslims in these deprived communities especially women are unable to observe these eid prayers due to lack of hijabs or decent clothes. She further state that, Muslims residing in these communities deserved to look good as well during these major Islamic Holidays, as recommended by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). She concluded by thanking all those who donated their decent clothes and provided money to buy clothes, making this year’s first distribution a success.

Abie Kabia, one of the beneficiary of this project said, “This came as a surprise to me, as I was not expecting to have this clothes today, and I have been wondering how I will get clothes and hijab to observe the eid this year, sometimes we deliberately refuse to go out for these prayers because we don’t have proper clothes to wear”

Mariama Sesay another beneficiary said, “Even though I am a Christian, but I’m glad to have benefited from this distribution.”

Aisha Bah from ANIQ Modesty Boutique, having heard about this project for the first time, commended both organizations for taking up such yearly venture in ensuring proper Islamic dress codes are provided for free before the eid, especially to sisters and she further state that their boutique will aid in providing some hijabs during the Eidul adha clothing distribution.

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