DAQVAH Raises over 196 Million Leones

By Chernoh Muaz Bah

As a way of promoting accountability and transparency to over one thousand seven hundred subscribers across eighteen countries, the Foundation on the 24th July, launches it mid year summary activity and financial report (January-June).

DAQVAH Charity Foundation established in July 2015 as an Independent Islamic Relief and Development Foundation, is primarily committed to promote Islamic Development, cater for the less previledged with emphasis on women and children and also help in achieving the five SDG’s in area of Education, Poverty, Hunger, Health, Water and Sanitation.

During the reporting period, the financial report shows that one hundred and ninety six million, two hundred and seventy one thousand and fifty leones (Le 196,271,050 – $22,000approximately

) was raised from January to June; this involves funds raised from membership subscription, project Reach the Unreachable with Le 10,000, business/investment and also from Project campaigns launched. A total of two hundred million eight hundred and forty five thousand (Le 200,845,000) was spent on project, investment and administration. According to the CEO, Alhaji Abdul Rahman Jalloh, monies invested in business was by the end of June, for which proceeds would be actualised in second half of the year. He said that the investment made will help to sustain the foundation. He added that funds raised was used to successfully undertook several projects in the various thematic areas of intervention and also made additional investments for the Foundation’s sustainability.

During the past six months, the Foundation started operations of the North-West regional office in Port Loko District. A 4.8 acres of land was also secured during this period for the construction of a National Islamic Park, which according to the CEO is one of the greatest successes made so far.

As of June 2019, DAQVAH now has a membership of 1777 in over 18 Countries, with a membership increased of 242 for the past six months.

The Foundation also undertook it tenth Feed The Needy Project (FTN 10), which is done on a quarterly basis. The project provided food in the form of breakfast and launch to the less previledged.

During the Ramadan, iftars were provided in over eight communities in all five regions of the country, which benefitted over 2500 Muslims. Iftars were also provided for over 1,000 students in five universities, also individuals and families as well benefitted from the project. By the end of Ramada, Zakatul-Fitr (Mudu) was distributed in Freetown, the United Blind Muslim’s Association were key beneficiaries.

DAQVAH together with the Sisters Of Deenul Islam (S.O.D) distributed clothes in eight villages in Moyamba with a total of 500 beneficiaries.
The Foundation also organized it second “Walk For a Widow” Charity Event to continue to raise funds to support widows across the Country. The Foundation is currently supporting orphans in relation to their education and their livelihoods.

To make your donations, or to be a member, please contact: +23276364966
9 Main Bass Street, Brookfields

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One thought on “DAQVAH Raises over 196 Million Leones

  1. I lost my phone and for the past two months I have not being able to contribute and can’t contact any one .pls help . i am in port loko


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