By Fatimah Bah

DAQVAH Charity Foundation has on Friday 8th November officially unveil what is described as the charity bus 002. Speaking to the CEO, Alhaji Abdul Rahman Jalloh, he said that investment is crucial in sustaining DAQVAH as an institution. Therefore, he said the primary aim of buying another bus is to help raise funds for the sustainability of the foundation. “We will not solely rely on membership subscription to keep the foundation’s activities ongoing, therefore we have identified transportation as one of our key areas of investment. We have lots of administrative and project costs, for which we need additional funds if we are to continue operations,” he added. He concluded that the transportation will help in national development as it will contribute to easing the burden of struggling for transportation within the East-end of Freetown.

Mohamed Alhassan Jalloh, the Reach the Unreachable Project Lead said that the ‘charity bus’ is helping the foundation to achieve its mission, which is to revive the Prophet’s tradition of giving charity and fulfilling the command of Allah. He said that there is a bold inscription in front of both vehicles, which reads “Free Ride – Every Friday From 6am to 12pm.” He continued, “We believe that DAQVAH’s vehicles are the only vehicles in the country that are providing free ride facilities for all its passengers irrespective of religion or tribe on a weekly basis; this we believe will help to inspire people to be charitable. During the free ride period, we use the opportunity to talk to people about the foundation, the importance of charity and our projects and Alhamdulillah, some passengers ended up donating to our causes and others have become members.”

He further went on to thank all DAQVAH donors and subscribers for their continued support towards the foundation and he assured them that monies received will always be utilized for the right purposes. The ‘Chairty Bus 002′ he said is routed at Waterloo.

To be a member of DAQVAH Charity Foundation or donate to make a difference, kindly contact: +23276363131/+23276544377

9 Main Bass Street, Brookfields


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One thought on “DAQVAH UNVEILS ‘CHARITY BUS’ 002

  1. Ma Shaa Allah, great work…

    May Allah reward all contributors for this great sacrifices and those in the management, arranging and putting those penny together in other to achieve this success.


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