DAQVAH Holds Its 5th Annual Meeting

By Chernor Muaz Bah
Commumications ManagerAs a way of fostering accountability and transparency to over two thousand (2,000) subscribers across twenty countries, the foundation on an annual basis invites it membership to a meeting. The meeting is primarily to report on income generated, expenses undertaken and what key projects were implemented. In addition, various departments also updated on successes, challenges and together with the members, discuss way forward.On Sunday the 26th January 2020, the foundation held its fifth Annual Meeting at Med Saj’s Building, 48 Circular Road, Freetown. This meeting covered reports from January to December 2019.The meeting was chaired by Alhaji Abdul Rahman Jalloh who doubles as the CEO and founder of the foundation. The meeting started with an opening Qur’anic Recitation by Mohamed Maladho Jalloh who is also a Field Officer of the foundation, which was followed by a short advise on charity from the CEO.All departmental heads including Finance, Fundraising, Project RTU, Communications, Field, Project, and the Data and Research departments, did power point presentations on their successes, challenges and way forward.It was reported by the Finance Department that a total of three hundred and eighty eight million five hundred and twenty four thousand two hundred and fifty leones (Le 388,524,250) was raised from both subscriptions and donations and a total of three hundred and fifty six million five hundred and twelve thousand leones (Le 356,512,000) was spent on Projects and admin costs.“477 members whom majority are from Sierra Leone and are females joined the foundation in 2019, making a grand total of 2,038 members since the foundation was founded in July 2015,” the Data and Research Manager, Abdul Aziz Bah updated during his presentation.In 2019, the foundation successfully implemented several Projects including Feed The Needy Volume 10 & 11, two Clothing distributions in Moyamba and Lungi Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom, Ramadan Iftar Project at four regions, to individuals and Universities, Ramadan Mudu Project to the United Blind Muslim Association and continued support to orphans and other beneficiaries.The foundation also undertook three (3) Fundraising activities; Widow Walk season II, Fundraising Outing which was strictly for members, and the 4th Annual Fundraising Dinner.
Several questions were asked by the attendees after each presentation and answers were provided by the departmental heads/presenters.”Alhamdulillah this has has been the first time attending the Foundation’s Annual Meeting, and the meeting has served as a motivation for my continued support and contributions and the meeting was an opportunity for me to meet Staff and Members of the Foundation” Ibrahim Bangura, a member said.Briefing the attendees on the foundation general plans for 2020, the CEO and Founder, Alhaji Abdul Rahman said that the foundation will work towards completing the Phase One of the National Islamic Park Project, which includes brushing, burning and clearing of the land, erecting a fence at the front part of the park, football pitch construction, Masjid construction and digging of a water well.
He further went on to state other Projects and Fundraising activities for 2020, which includes Feed the Needy, continuous support to orphans and widows, Widow Walk Season III, Clothing distribution, Ramadan Project, Mobile Health Clinic, 5th Fundraising Dinner, and the Family Funfair Event.
He further noted that they will provide an online report for 2019 for the benefit of other members across the globe.The meeting was climaxed by self introduction of all present and ended with a closing prayer by the RTU Project Lead, Mohamed Alhassan.The meeting was interactive and successfully organized.To be a member or to make donations to this charitable cause, contact the details below:
DAQVAH Head Office
9 Main Bass Street, Brookfield
daqvahfoundationsl@gmail.com© DAQVAH COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT

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