DAQVAH supports Families in Port Loko District with Food and Cash

By Chernor Muaz Bah

DAQVAH has distributed bags of rice and cash to families in the Gbonkoh and Robat Communities within the Port Loko district. The Chief Executive Officer, Alhaji Abdul Rahman Jalloh informed the people of Gbonkoh community in the Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom that the distribution was to support Muslim families who are finding it difficult to observe their fasting. He noted that the Corona Virus pandemic has affected lots of income earners and therefore if support is not provided many families would find it hard to observe fast and that some will not even fast. He added that the donation was from members and good-will people who feel their plights. Receiving the bags of rice and cash on behalf of the community people, the Paramount Chief, Chief Bai Sheba Shebora III said that he has not regretted donating five acres of land and also motivating the community members to donate additional two acres of land to the DAQVAH Charity Foundation for the construction of an Islamic Park. He said DAQVAH has not disappointed him as they have been providing support to members of the community. He asked the community people to continue to give DAQVAH the support to construct a park in their community, which he said would be a pride in their chiefdom. He ended by pleading on behalf of the community that DAQVAH as a charity foundation should try and construct a water-well, which he said the community needed so urgently as they are currently drinking contaminated water. The chairman of the persons with disability in Port Loko District, Mr. Kamara appreciated DAQVAH for their donation; adding that the donation came at the right time. He said that the community is a Muslim community and that such donation will go a long way in helping fasting Muslims.In another Community in Port Loko District, Robat, Ayoub Joaque, DAQVAH representative in Port Loko District said, “This is not the first time DAQVAH has been providing support to the Makonteh chiefdom. The foundation has provided similar support to Mabain community some years ago and just two weeks ago I was in Masheka village giving similar donation. A well has been constructed in Koya and another well was started in Mabain. They have also supported a Masjid construction.” He ends by asking the people to make supplications for the givers and to support the Reach the Unreachable Project. To join or support the Foundation, kindly contact: +23276363131/+23277517127 9 Main Bass Street, Brookfields Freetown, Sierra Leone http://www.daqvahcharity.org

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One thought on “DAQVAH supports Families in Port Loko District with Food and Cash

  1. I’m Sulaiman student from Njala University.
    I want to extend gratitude to DAQVAH charity foundation by helping the vulnerable people.

    I want to express my desire by calling on your foundation to please allow my charity foundation to work with yours.


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