By Chernor Muaz Bah

Fifty members of Cry of A Widow Organization branch in Waterloo and thirty members of the Handicap Action Movement at Wellington have benefited from the DAQVAH Charity Foundation Ramadan feeding program.

Sheikh Saheed Bangura, the Coordinator of Cry of Widow organization, receiving the  fonation, thanked DAQVAH for their continued support. He reflected on the distribution of clothes that was done two years ago to over four hundred members of the Cry of A Widow organization in Kenema. He thanked all those who donated and prayed that Allah will continue to bless them to support the foundation. He mentioned that since he moved to Waterloo, he has registered hundred of widows under his organization and that all of them needed support. He pleaded that the foundation should continue to support and provide them with sustainable support.

A widow lamented that life has been unbearable for them ever since they lost their husbands. She thanked Sheikh Saheed for bringing them together and for the support they received from DAQVAH. She added that observing Ramadan in Covid19 period is difficult but that they thank Allah for such donation as it will go a long way in sustaining them during the remaining days of fasting.

Osman Koroma, the Public Relations Officer of Handicap Action Movement thanked DAQVAH for the Ramadan support. He said that such a support came unexpectedly to them as they were never informed of such a kind gesture. He expressed his appreciation and how they food and cash provided will sustain them during the Ramadan. He concluded with supplications for all donors and members of the foundation.

Main while, DAQVAH has been distributing food every day to fasting people and has also continuously supported Imams during the Ramadan donations.

To join or support the Foundation, kindly contact: +23276363131/+232775171279 Main Bass Street, BrookfieldsFreetown, Sierra Leone 

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