AYV Media Empire Donates Food items to Cry of Widows Association

By Fatima Bah

AYV Media Empire on the 29th of June 2020, donated bags of rice, vegetable oil, bags of onion, one cartoon tomato paste and cartoons of soap to the Cry of Widows Association at Waterloo, Lumpa.

“AYV believes that we should always give back loyalty to the society in unlimited ways to help the people of Sierra Leone irrespective of the cultural diversity, as part of our cause is charity,” said Phebean Swill who led the delegation.

She further mentioned that AYV has a friend who goes by the name Fatmata Sundas, who lives in the United Kingdom. “Fatmata together with her friends raised some money and decided that the best way to use it was to help widows during this difficult time of COVID19. I know the situation is difficult for everyone, but it’s different and can’t be compared to the Widows and their kids. It is for this reason we’ve decided to do the donation to you as the targeted beneficiaries and AYV Miss University is the Face of the charity and we have our current Queen with us here who is Hajaratu Kamara,” she added. Phebean also extended her thanks and appreciation to the DAQVAH Charity Foundation for serving as the channel to reach the Association for such implementation.

Mohamed Alhassan Jalloh, the RTU Project Lead thanked and appreciated AYV for their intervention to help the Widows at Waterloo. He mentioned that DAQVAH was happy to receive a call from them and also for trusting the Foundation to provide them with widow beneficiaries. He prayed for all donors and members who have been helping to reach out to those in need.

“I am very happy and grateful for receiving these items from AYV and also many thanks to DAQVAH for their relentless efforts in aiding us. We are widows with children and we’re having constraints with funds to help with our children’s survival, education and shelter. We kindly asking that you continue to help us so we will not be left out in the society,” Kadiatu Bundu one of the beneciaries said.

Marie Koroma another beneficiary said, “I am tired of suffering and now the only thing I think about every day is how my life could end. Some of my children have abandoned me as a result of hunger and starvation while the younger ones are with me. But what can I say, thanks to AYV *(na e salone Sabi)* and may Allah reward all those that contributed.”

Shiekh Saeed Abass Kamara, the founder of Cry of Widows Association, said that he was extremely happy together with his team. “DAQVAH is no longer new to us as they have been supportive since the association was founded in Kenema and are still helping the Widows in Waterloo and today they linked us with AYV. Allah said that the Widows are His people and may Allah continue to bless the donors and subscribers of DAQVAH and may the foundation continue to grow.” He added that they were grateful to AYV and pray that Allah continue to bless their institution.

Alhamdulilah the distribution ended successfully.

©️DAQVAH RTU Communications Department.

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