Why Empty Bowl Challenge?

As a charity Foundation, providing meals for vulnerable individuals and families has been a cause we usually undertake especially during Ramadan. Covid19 has greatly impacted our normal fundraising strategies due to the social distancing and other Covid19 preventive measures which has led to minimal fund raised for our Ramadan feeding project. Therefore, the Empty Bowl Challenge is designed as an online fund raising drive targeting 5,000 individuals to challenge each other in donating at least Le 25,000 ($2.5) with a fund raising goal of Le 100,000,000 ($10,000) to help provide food for individuals and families who could not afford suhur (sokoli) and iftar (sunakati) during the blessed month of Ramadan. Ramadan is hopeful to start on Friday 24th April.

How to Participate in the Empty Bowl Challenge?

You should make a short one minute video holding an empty bowl and making a donation of at least Le 25,000 ($2.5) to feed a fasting person for a day; and then challenge five other close friends and family members by calling their names and asking them to also donate at least Le 25,000 ($2.5) to feed a fasting person. For those in Sierra Leone, you can end the video by showing the Africell and Orange Money (+23276363131 and +23277517127) for donation on a piece of paper. You can then upload your video on all your social media handles with hashtag #emptybowlchallenge. 

Who can Participate in the Empty Bowl Challenge?

Anyone who cares about the vulnerable Muslims who are finding it difficult to go through this fasting period.

DAQVAH Charity Foundation, is a charity institution established 5 years ago with a vision of a world where the less privileged would be empowered to be self reliant.


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